Avril lavigne dating chad kroeger

While we can think of a few who haven't fallen in love with Nickelback's approach to music, Lavigne apparently isn't among them.

It seems Kroeger, 37, swept the 27-year-old off her feet with his songwriting skills before proposing earlier this month with a 14-carat diamond ring, People reports.

"We don't want to go anywhere that you're asking for trouble," Chad added.

Every night, Nickelback loves to pull up a fan from the crowd to sing "Rockstar" with them, but no one was expecting to see Chad Kroeger's ex-wife, Avril Lavigne, to be that lucky audience member this weekend.

"We don't go more than two weeks without seeing each other," Avril told magazine.

Her 39-year-old partner added: "And we don't drink when we're apart." The couple said that putting themselves in a position of temptation was something they were not willing to do as they value their union too much.

Kroeger reportedly popped the question August 8, complete with a 14-carat diamond engagement ring.

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She gave a tearful interview in 2015 about why she was staying away from the spotlight in the past few years, explaining that she's in recovery.

The source, who did not foresee the bitter breakup, even added that Lavigne had hoped to start a family with Kroeger.

Lavigne has been taking a break from the spotlight as she revealed earlier in April that she was battling Lyme disease.

At the beginning of August, 29-year-old singer Avril flashed a huge diamond ring, a one-year anniversary gift Chad gave her, to her 16.3 million followers on Twitter, one month after she celebrated a year of married bliss. The Canadian couple, whose wedding was covered exclusively by HELLO!

, described their big day at the time as "unforgettable".

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