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Security check point was over crowed and extremely unorganized, there's no separate lane for those that need priority access because of international conecting flight. La razón es la siguiente: Nosotros no somos el vendedor En KAYAK no determinamos los precios, así que no podemos garantizar lo que ofrecen otras empresas.

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Once on board, the three flight attendants were also courteous. Best seat by far I've had assigned without paying for reserving one with Spirit. One of the gate attendants was a bit on the rude side, screaming and demanding that all passengers get in one line or we would not board... Being consistent in using the designated communication equipment. Delta just didn't bother providing good customer service Not much to like Poor customer service, panicking customers for nothing and just general lack of consideration for paying customers. Not planning to use this airline agaon The crew were very professional.

While it did not recline, I did not find the standard angle detrimental and I had TONS of legroom even when the upgraded row 1 seats ahead were reclined. We left right on schedule to the T, and parked at our gate about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. even after I explained that her co-worker did not call to board by zone. I speak very little Espanol, but they try to make sure I was ok. Fácil check-in en el aeropuerto A mi esposa le cambiaron de vuelo sin consultarnos, cuando intentamos colocarnos en el mismo vuelo nos dijeron que nosotros hicimos el cambio (lo cual no es cierto), nos cambiaron al mismo vuelo a San Salvador, sin embargo el vuelo de conexión nos lo dejaron separados a pesar de que salían a la misma hora y llegaban al mismo tiempo, ambos vuelos venían relativamente vacíos (no iba a ser un problema colocarnos en el mismo avión, pero no quisieron). Comparable prices on Jet Blue and Avianca on the same CTG to FLL flights were US0-0 more at the time of booking.

Being one of the first out allowed me to zip through immigration without any waits and was out of the airport before our scheduled arrival time! But could it also be that Spirit's new CEO is really turning things around? He had explained the boarding process, but failed to start calling by zone. Flight was delayed one jour and I didnt know if I'll make my connecting flight to Cartagena.. Habían 2 vuelos desde San Salvador hacia San José a la misma hora y decidieron colocarnos a mi esposa en uno y a mi en el otro, no quisieron ayudarnos a colocarnos en el mismo vuelo a pesar de que había suficiente campo, la única forma de ayudarnos es si pagabamos para eso. Arrived just in time at the airport for the cutoff provided in the online check-in paperwork and the line was full with all the other passengers for that flight there being processed.

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