East europe girls dating

Ok, I understand, NO advice for the ONE special girl. t=12176 So lets put my question in a more general way: My last 2 dates were girls from eastern europe.The first 3 - 4 weeks went really well, but the their interest level dropped from "you are great" to "we are too different".You dont need to drop your wallet, but being a cheap skate will repel them much faster than an American woman (this is a result of the local economy and the mens behavior over there). Like you wouldnt approach a woman here in the states without a nice shirt, at your first official meeting bring one flower (drop the is costs).Make no mistake though with these women they are VERY aggressive sexually (more so than American women) and they are much more impressed by status and name brand type items.You have to think of them as a rabid pit bull that will love and respect you only so long as you are strong.If you are a metrosexual or in touch with your feelings your dog food.Actually we didnt discuss in what way we wanted different things, but for me their feelings changed just out of the blue.Ok, maybe I came a little bit too strong in the way, that I wanted to see them again and again (one girl told me, we are like an old couple Maybe the language barrier made it difficult too, but I have the impression that with eastern european girls someone has to have a REALLY strong frame, otherwise they just drop you.

) or when you tried to stay in her life as a - uhh friend? Fame is their most desirable thing,otherwise at the first month your relationship ends. Have you seen frontcovers of women magazines with those persona ,models show up? Do not be chicken,go direct,play your game and enjoy. European field is very hard,you always have to keep your social status up,if you want 10's.But remember this rule on flowers: always an odd number.Bring a dozen roses and its like giving them the middle finger I joke not). One of my friends is not alpha, and she walks all over him in ways you wouldnt even see a pissed off ex wife do.Over there men are the sought after prizes and it is women that are the AFC's There is a section in "The Game" detailing travels to Eastern Europe.I was not impressed with any gaming descriptions there. As the one guy said (paraphasing) The women will happily sleep with you by virtue of your nationality.

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