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“Her shape and size won’t be the one featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan but it’s the one featured in my life and in my heart,” Robbie wrote of Sarah.“There’s nothing sexier to me than a woman who is both curvy and confident; this gorgeous girl I married fills out every inch of her jeans and is still the most beautiful one in the room.” He then offered advice to other men, telling them to reject what society has said is supposed to be considered sexy.

For me, there is nothing sexier than this woman right here: thick thighs, big booty, cute little side roll, etc.

The Telegraph’s Claire Cohen wrote, “Robbie is what you might call a ‘nice guy misogynist,'” adding, “His bias is tricky to spot – he probably doesn’t even realise it exists – the outdated views he holds about women, deep down. That by saying he finds his wife’s body shape ‘sexy’ that somehow solves centuries of sexism.” “Look. I’m happy he’s making Sarah Tripp happy,” Sarah Ditum of The New Statesman wrote.

“But can we please, please get over this idea that a man is a hero for talking about what body type gives him a boner?

hands down the best part is seeing people tag their significant other saying how much they can relate to the post and how thankful they are to have someone who loves them for who they are.

there's still a lot of good in the world, and we are determined to continue to spread it as much as we can.

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