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The first situation involves clues from several songs about a guy who's kind of a controlling snob.He makes fun of Taylor's music taste ("We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together") and doesn't like it when she wears high heels ("Begin Again"). Well, if you’re with someone who is controlling and is controlling about things you actually care about — as opposed to like, Chinese or Mexican tonight — you have to either (a) talk through it and come up with some compromise that makes everyone feel comfortable, or (b) leave the relationship because that person is too controlling or not ready for a relationship where people have autonomy. Someone who tries to control what you wear, who you talk to, who you spend time with, who tries to isolate you from your friends — those are all "b" signs.The two were driven in a chauffeured car with her bodyguards, the source said, adding, "They didn't want to be seen by anyone and were ducking down in the car and wearing hoodies."It appears they will be traveling for a while, as the two had a "ton of luggage with them," the source said."Taylor has been doing her own thing and has not been in any exclusive relationship for some time since her last boyfriend," a third source told E! "She has been working on new music and spending quiet time with her family and friends.She met Joe last year but they haven't started dating till just recently. It was her goal to keep it a secret even though it's all really light still.He was speaking about a host of artists, and when asked what he thought about Kanye West, Albarn replied: "I think he's pretty unique."Then he was asked his opinion on Swift, to which he replied: "Remarkable, but not unique."He also spoke about Drake, saying he is "not as consistent as he could be"., so she must be cool."Elsewhere, the musician has confirmed that he is in the early stages of making a new Gorillaz album, which is currently "really fast" and has "quite a lot of energy".

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It is one of the most secretive romances Swift has ever had with a fellow celebrity.It comes months after a more public, highly scrutinized and short-lived relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston, which was exposed after the two were photographed kissing near her Rhode Island beachfront home and which came after a highly publicized one-year romance with Calvin Harris. News that Swift has been in London over the past few weeks and has spent time with Alwyn.The source said they traveled together to head to the United States Thursday.The second situation is an ex-boyfriend who keeps calling Taylor ("All Too Well" and, of course, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together") — one of those messy, never-ending breakups.Really, the key with that is to make good boundaries.

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