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Without time for comment from Liang, and without saying anything himself, Davidson turned to the first aid box on the wall, removed a 9mm handgun, and immediately started firing.He hit Liang first, killing him while he was still seated at the faculty table. However, Lowrey tried to escape out the only main access door to the room.Liang stood, formally introduced Davidson, stated the purpose of the meeting, and sat back down.Davidson then handed Liang a printout of an e-mail, from a prospective employer who was interested in hiring Davidson, that stated that his future employment with the company hinged on a successful Master's thesis defense.In my experience in the dorms, no one really left their door open in the dorms.As far as athletics, basketball is widely supported but football is not. Most guys that I come across at SDSU are jerks and are immature.Davidson had intended to kill himself after the shootings, but could not due to "pure cowardice".

Davidson was between the main door and the faculty table, and shot Lowrey several times; he died on the floor in the main doorway.There, he shot and killed Lyrintzis while the latter was still under the desk.The three students attending the thesis defense were not shot, and escaped without injury. They rule Homecoming and Az Fest and all the social things. We have the fewest people on the executive board (only 5), yet we can make things run smoothly. I met my closest friends through the Afrikan Student Union. The only one that runs like a real organization is the National Society of Engineers.

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